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初三英语能力竞赛 ( 一、选择填空(Vocabulary and structure) (共 20 小题,计 20 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入各题空白处的最佳选项。

( )1. —Let’s go to visit the amusement park next Sunday. —That’s great. A. feels B. looks C. sounds D. turns ( )2. —She wants to go to different places, but she doesn't know the . —A map is helpful, Father thinks. A. price B. way C. time D. ticket ( )3. People in the northeast of China are trying their best to clean up the snow on the street with money and people. A. few; little B.a few; a little C. less; fewer D. fewer; less ( )4. It is nice of you to say so. A. truly B. true C. really D. real ( )5. —This book educating teenagers. Would you like to buy it? —Yes,I'll take it. A. aims at B.depends on C. gives out D. sets up ( )6. The clothes are new, but my parents have decided to give to the people in disaster areas. A. it away B.them away C. away it D. away them ( )7. —Could you tell me to have the picnic? —Near the South Beach. A. what B. why C. when D. where ( )8. Hangzhou is one of cities around the world. A. beautiful B. more beautiful C. the most beautifully D. the most beautiful ( )9. —Listen!Is that Lucy playing the violin in the class? —No. It be Lucy. She has gone to Beijing. A. may not B. needn't C. mustn't D. can't ( )10. He has for ten years. Ten years a long time. A. left home; are B. been away from home; is C. left home; is D. been away from home; are ( ) 11. I think of the materials I listened to at the beginning of the exam easy. A. two thirds; is B. second three; are C. two thirds; are D. two third; are ( )12.— do you write to your parents? —Once a month. A. How long B. How often C. How soon D. How many ( )13.Could you tell me_?I want to post a letter. A. where is the post office B.where the post office is C. how can I get to the cinema D. how I can get to the cinema ( )14.—when you the MP4? —Last year. A. have; bought B. had; bought C. do; buy D. did; buy ( ( ( ( ( )15. —Where is Tom? —He London. A. has gone B. has gone to C. has been D. has been to )16. I think teenagers should to make their own decisions. A. be allowed B. allowed C. allows D. allow )17. The girl is a friend of mine. A. that you talked B. whom you talked to her C. to whom you talked D. you talked to )18. I don't know when she .When she ,I'll let you know. A. will arrive; will arrive B.arrives; arrives C. will arrive; arrives D. arrives; will arrive )19. —The toilet is clean it was last week. —Sorry, I forgot to clean it. A. as; as B. so; as C. not so; as D. more; than )20. —Don't pick the flowers, children. Look at the sign "Hands off'. —OK. We won't do that. Which of the following signs are they talking about? A. B. C. D. 二、阅读理解。

(共20小题,计30分) 阅读下列短文或图案,然后完成文后各题。

(21-30小题为选择题,每题1分且 只有一个最佳答案;31-40小题为非选择题,请回答问题或完成句子,每空词数不 限,每题2分)。

1. A NOW SHOWING JOURNEY INTO SPACE Starring Ned Smith, Tina Harrington, Joseph Mendes Directed by Joe Swift Music by Harry Goldstein Produced by Steven Bloomberg

2. Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours has become a daily routine for many school children. Looking at one thing for long periods can damage your eyes and lead to short-sightedness (myopia).You can help stop this by taking breaks from your work away from the computer every half hour. You can also exercise your eyes by looking out of a window at something far away for about five minutes. 3. The second half remained at one-all until the final minutes of the match when marvelous kick by Wilkes won the match for Liverpool 2-1. 4. The management has the right to refuse entry. Strictly no cameras allowed. No outside food and drink may be brought onto the premises. Children above the age of 8 years old must have a ticket for entry. 5. Tom Cousin's best performance yet! simply not to be missed. see Tom on the big screen, now would be the time to do so. You won't be disappointed. ( ( ( ( ( )21.Which passage is about sports news? A. 1. B. 2. C. 3. D. 5. ) 22. Tom Cousin's performance is . A. good B. terrible C. boring D. frustrating ) 23. won the match for Liverpool. A. Joe Swift B. Tom Cousin C. Wilkes D. Joseph Mendes )24. Harry Goldstein for the movie that is produced by Steven Bloomberg. A. wrote music B. played the games C. sold tickets D.performed )25. People are not allowed to bring into the concert hall. A. tickets B. computers C. boys and girls D. cameras, food and drink new watch. 2. Your parents or teachers are proud of you when you do well: Michael came top of the class and his parents were very proud of him. The cat seems proud of her six lively kittens. 3. A proud person thinks they are better or cleverer or more important than other people: The ugly sisters were too proud to treat Cinderella as a sister. See also pride. that everybody can hear you. I didn’t recognize Andrew's voice on the telephone. We could hear angry voices coming from next door. Lucy has a nice singing voice. Lose your voice You lose your voice when you have such a bad cold that you can't speak. me an my music: 2. You encourage someone to dosomething when you tell them that they should do it: Our teacher encourages us to ask questions. (i)Antonyms /Synonyms [x] discourage: Our parents discourage us from playing computer games all the time. ( ( ( ( ( )26. We can find these explainations(解释)in dictionary. A. an English-English B. a Chinese-English C. an English-Chinese D. a Chinese )27. Another form of the word “proud” in this dictionary is . A. pleasure B.pride C. happiness D. voice )28. You can find new words in this dictionary extract(摘要). A. many B. one C. two D. three )29. The word “proud” has uses than the word “encourage”. A. fewer B. less: C. more D. much more ) 30. The word“voice”is . A. a noun B. an adjective C. a verb D. an adverb C John Bull is a national symbol of England. He is shown in cartoons and humorous stories as a rich tarmer or the 18th century. His name still appears in books. Plays,and as a trademark. 31 。

similar to the American “uncle sam”. Although John Bull is not popular in Wales,Scotland, or Northern Ireland now, many English people become fond of him. 32 ,and he has a great interest in life and is always ready to stand up and fight for what he believes in. In pictures, 33 . He is dressed in the fashion of the early l8th century. he also wears a top hat and a bulldog often follows him. During the Napoleonic(拿破仑时期的)Wars, John Bull became the national B proud adjective /praud/ 1.You feel proud of things you have done, or things you own, if you are pleased with them: Peter was proud of himself/ winning the race.Sarah felt very proud of her voice noun encourage verb /in’kΛ ridʒ/ encouraged, /vɔis/ encouraging 1 .You encourage someone Your voice is the sound you when you keep telling them that you know they can succeed: My make when you speak or sing: parents have always Speak in a loud clear voice so encouraged

symbol of freedom. 34 ,who would fight Napoleon with his hands if necessary. He loved his king and country. He was a drinking man.He was also fond of dogs, horses, beer, and country sports. 下面四句话是文章中对John Bull的描述, 请根据上下文, 从方框内选出适当的选 项填入文中空白处,使短文内容正确。

A. Bull is a short and fat man in a coat with breeches(马裤)and a Union Flag vest. B. He was the ordinary man in the street C. He is not a real character D. He is honest and frank(直率的) 31. 32. 33. 34. E Are you carrying too much on your back at school? I'm sure lots of children of your age will say “yes” . Not only do the students in China have this problem; but also children in the United States also have heavy school bags. Doctors are starting to worry that younger and younger students are having back and neck problems,as a result of school bags being too heavy for them. "It's hard for me to go upstairs with my bag, because it is so heavy." said Rick Hammond, an 11-year-old student in the US. Rick is among the students who have common school bags with two straps to carry them. But many other students choose rolling bags. But even with rolling bags, getting upstairs and buses is still a problem for children. Many of them have hurt their backs and necks because of the heavy school bags. But how much is too much? Doctors say students should carry no more 10% to15%of their own body weight. Scott Bantch, a back doctor, said children under grade 4 should stay with 10%. But it is also important that older children don't stay with over 15%, because their bodies are still growing. "Children are losing their balance and falling down with their school bags." he said. Parents and teachers are starting to tell children to only take home library books they will be reading that night. Some teachers are using pieces of paper or thin workbooks for students to take home. One of the best answer is, as some children said, to have no homework at all! 38. How much should students carry? 39. Why do students have so heavy bags? How to solve this problem? Please give your advice. 40. Translate the underlined sentence(划线的句子)into Chinese, please. 三、完形填空(Cloze)(共20小题,计20分) D The ways to carry messages When you speak, write a letter and make a telephone call, your words carry a message. People communicate with words. (1) Do you think can you communicate without words? (2)A smile on your face shows you are happy or friendly. Tears in your eyes tell others that you're sad or happy: When you put up your hand in class,your teacher knows you want to say something or ask some questions. You shake your head in China, and people know you are saying "No". You nod in China, and people know you are saying "Yes". Other things can also carry messages. For example, a sign at the bus stop helps you know which bus to take. A sign on the wall of your school helps you to find the library. (3)Signs on the door tell you where you go in or out. There are a lot of signs around you. You can receive messages, from them all the time. People can communicate in many other ways. An artist can use his pictures to tell about the beautiful mountains, the blue sea and many other things. Books can tell you about all the wonderful things in the world and also about people and their ideas. Books, messages, TV, radio and films all help us to communicate with others. They all help us to know the news in the world and what other people are thinking about. 根据短文内容,完成下列任务。

35. (1)句是含有宾语从句的句子,请改正句子。

36. show在词典中有以下解释: V.①把„„给人看 ②表明;说明 ③演出;放映 在(2)句中,show的意思应该是 37.把(3)句改为简单句。

Signs on the door tell you where you go in or out. A ④展出 ⑤显现 根据短文内容及所给的首字母提示,完成下面的短文,使短文意思完整。

Middle and high school days are both fun and busy. Students spend their days in class, I 41 to the interesting and sometimes boring words of the teacher. They spend the short breaks running, playing,and shouting happily b 42 going back to the classroom again. But how should students spend their free time outside school? In Western countries, it is common for students to have a p 43 job after school and at weekends.Students can earn their o 44 money and learn more about the real world. They enjoy the extra independence and (of course) money, and parents enjoy the quiet house. However, it seems that, in China, parents w 45 so much about their children's

studies that they would prefer to see their children spending most of their free time studying and p 46 for all those exams. It is natural for parents to feel that way, but I believe the answer lies in balance. Sometimes,Western school children work long hours after school to m 47 money, and so they become too tired to listen in class or have no time for h 48 . But Chinese students spend so much time on their studies that all e 49 becomes less important until they want that new MP4 player. So, find a good and healthy balance!If you have a part-time job, you'll be happy, and your parents will also be happy b 50 you're spending your hard-earned money and not theirs! B 阅读短文,并用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。

Last month we 51 (decide) to drive to Scotland for a few days for a short holiday. We 52 (be) really looking forward to a quiet rest in the country. Unfortunately, lots of things 53 (go) wrong. First of all, the car broke down just after we 54 (leave) home, and we 55 (have) to phone a garage and then wait by the side of the road for hours. by the time the car 56 (repair). it was too late to go on. so we went home. the next day we set off early 57 (avoid) the traffic,, but we had forgotten that it 58 (be) a public holiday. Every single person in the country must have had the same idea, so we 59 (find) ourselves in a long traffic jam. We decided that the best thing to do was 60 (take) a different road, and look for a hotel. 四、句型转换(10小题,10分) A)按要求转换下列句型,每空限填一词。

61. At last he quickly passed the stick on to her.(改一般疑问句) he quickly the stick on to her at last? 62. Mr Black usually goes to work by car.(对划线部分提问) Mr. Black usually to work? 63. The students are waterin-the young trees.(对划线部分提问) the students ? 64. You’d better not read in bed.(改为祈使句) in bed. 65. Tony often goes swininung in sununer.(就划线部分提问) In does Tony often go swimming? B)根据上句完成下句,使两句表达的意思基本相同,每空一词。

66. Denzil and his father are very similar in appearance. Denzil his father 67. She can't wait to start her new job. She’s to starting her new job. 68. Make sure you're quiet if you get home late. Don't any if you get home late. 69. Can you ask somebody for his home telephone number? Can you his home telephone number? 70. We can't travel abroad without taking a passport. To travel abroad we take a passport. 五、句子翻译(每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 根据汉语意思和所给的英语关键词,翻译下列各句。


咱们去踢球吧! have sports, go to, play football ________________________________________________. 72.外面在下雪,你最好多穿点衣服。

it's, snowing outside, put on, more, clothes _______________________________________________. 73.他爸爸穷得给他买不起书包。

(so...that...) his father, was, poor, buy, a schoolbag ______________________________________________. 74.孩子们,请随便吃些月饼吧。

help oneself, mooncakes, children _____________________________________________. 75.尽管雨很大,可他却继续在地里干活。

though, it’s raining, go on, work, in the field ____________________________________________. 六、智力测试(共 5 小题,计 10 分) 76.What letter should replace the question mark? 77. Change one letter only from each word to spell out an idiom (习语 ). ACE FOUR ACE 78. Move one letter from the first word to the second word to make two new words. Example: FEAR, CAN→.FAR, CANE ① DREAR, SPOT→ , ② STEAM, EAT → , ③ PLAIN, ATE → , 79. Four students live on the same road. Max lives 2 mils from the school. Claire lives twice as far away as Max. Jim lives between Max and Sue. Sue lives 1 mile from the school. Who lives farthest from the school? 80. Mike's girlfriend left him. Their love was washed up. What does "washed up" here mean? You may answer it in Chinese or in English.

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