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2013 级会计学(专升本)班本科英语 2 试卷 I.用括号中的适当形式填空(10×2 分=20 分) 1.I’m sorry I haven’t got any money with me.I (leave)my wallet at home. (not 2.Yesterday he suggested that his friend go camping with him,but his friend make up his mind)till now. 3.This wet weather single day. 4.Scientists serious diseases. 5.I 6.I 7.Three applicants more today. 8.He 9.Now,I (not receive)his degree yet. (install)a telephone in the house. (be)very excited (go)o see an old friend in the countryside the other day. (be)so disappointed that I left them soon after. (come)to see us till now and we are expecting some (discover)a close connection between smoking and several (last) for three weeks now.It (rain)every 10.Maggie received John’s invitation yesterday,and since then. II.完成下列对话(10×1 分=10 分) Jiang:Good afternoon.Can I speak to Professor Smith,please? Secretary: 1 the line.I’ll put you 3 4 . to ask you something about 2 . Professor:Hello,Alan Smith Jiang:Hello,Professor Smith.This is Jiang.I’d my English study. Professor:Go 5 ,please. Jiang:I’m going to take part in a speech contest,but my speaking ability is still poor.I’m so nervous. Proessor:Don’t worry.You 6 get better soon.Practice talking with the English 7 students in your class every day.In this way,you’ll make big progress soon.And I be happy to give you as much help 8 you can. 1


Jiang:Oh,that’s very kind of you.Now I’m feeling much better.Thank you very much Your help.Good-bye. Professor:You are 10 .Bye. 9 III.选择题(5×2 分=10 分) 1.The boss may A.fire 2.What time A.are you usually leaving C.you usually leave 3. A.Were B.fine C.dismiss for work? B.do you usually leave D.you usually left you nervous during the interview? B.Did C.Do D.Had he was likely to be away for three Tony because he has the right qualifications. D.hire 4.He knew nothing about this journey months. A.that 5.At last he A.got to B.tr to B.except that C.however finish the job in time. C.had to D.in addition D.managed to IV.阅读理解(15×2 分=30 分) (1) 根据短文 A 判断下列句子的正误。

Passage A(Beijing Travel Agency) For over twenty years,Beijing Travel Agency has been planning holidays to suit individual needs.We do not offer to do the impossible,we just want you to enjoy yourselves.It is he personal responsibility of our leaders to make sure that your holiday is a success.This year we have arranged a number of coach tuors in Beijing and around Beijing for people interested in seeing the capital city.For those who prefer to do somrthing more energetic,we offer a wide variety of holidays where our trained experts will be ready to give you all the help and guidance you need.We aim to please. If you haven’t yet decided on your holiday,why not look through this brochure?When you have made your choice,telephone us and we shall be happy to 2


assist you in every way we can,but we do recommend you book early.There is no need to worry about cancellation.If you wish to change your booking at a later date,all you have to do is to e-mail us as possible.We will do our best to satisfy you,but unfortunately,for this service we have to make a small extra charge.We do,however,reserve the right to make changes in the timetable and the plan of your journey if this becomes necessary due to circumstances beyond our control. 1. Beijing Travel Agency can arrange coach tours abroad. 2. The Travel Agency recommends that you book early with them. 3. You do not need to worry about the cancellation of your booking. 4. If you want to change your booking at a later date,you have to se-mail the travel agency. 5. You don’t have to pay anything if you want to change your booking at a later date. (2)选择正确选项 Perhaps you are going to finish school soon and likemany other students ,you want to further your study abroad.Here are some points you should bear in mind if you intend to apply for a scholarship to study in the United States of America. First of all,you will have to ask for an application form,fill lin the form with great care,and tharn send it in with a copy of your school records.after that,you will have to ask your teachers to write reference letters.You will also need to take some tests such as TOFEL and GRE.You may apply to several university at the same time.Overseas students in the States are not allowed to work I their spare time except in the summer,and you need to get permission from US Immigration to do that. 6. This passage si taken from a handbook for A. visiting scholarship in American universities B. working emigrants in America C. American students who are going to study abroad D. Overseas students who want to study in American university 7.The author intends to give some in the US. 3 to woluld-be overseas students


A.warnings B.comments C.suggestions D.directions 8.What is the first thing to do in applying to an American university? A.To send school records B.To write to ask for an application form D.To supply reference letters C.To provide the TOFEL score report 9.Which of the following is NOT needed for applying to study at an American university? A.Your school records C.reference letters B.English test score reports D.Your passport 10.Which of the following statements is TRUE of the overseas students in the States? A,They ar nor allowed to work in their spare time except in the summer. B.They don’t need a permit from US Immigration to work in the summer. C.Winter is the time when foreign students can work in their spare time. D.You can only apply to one university at a time. (3)根据下文所的信息完成下列表格 Ideally located alongside the Peal River is the five-star Heaven Hotel.famed for its hospitality and services.It lies ih the heart of the lovely Pearl City,and offers 500 guest rooms,including 20 suites.wiht the finest in comfort.Room rate ranges from a low of $ 80 to a high of $400,while the check-in time is 3PM,and check-out 12 noon.We guarantee our prices are the lowest available.The Pearl City international airport is only 25 kilometers from the hotel. Class of the hotel Number of guest rooms and suites Room rate range Check-in & check-out time Distance from the airport 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. V.将下列被动语态改写为主动语态(10×1 分=10 分) 4


1.Many good books are written by professors for middle school students. 2.The children ar given a medical examination by doctors once a year. 3.The questions can be answers by many students in different ways. 4.A new bank branch is to b\e opened in this city. 5.This job can be learned quite easily. 6.This TV program is enjoyed very much by young people. 7. Your watch must be cleaned once a year. 8. A great deal of tea is drunk in England. 9. These dishes should be washed right away. 10. These books must be returned within two weeks. VI.翻译(10×1 分=10 分) 1. Kahy was,in fact,the least popular teacher in our college. 2. He felt sorry for the boy,and did not think it would be fair if he blamed him again. 3. All the information makes the secretary worr. 4. That is how a lot of young people see the world these days. 5. So before planning a career,you might want to make sure of your interest. 5


6. 这就是目前多数家长对待独身子女问题的方式。

7. 他头一碰到枕头就会睡着。

8. 汤姆不到 15 分钟就完成了赛跑比赛,是选手中的第一名。

9. 大卫和我没有被编在同一个班里。

10. 这类书通常是为孩子们写的。

VII.写作(10 分) 根据下述所的信息,写一篇关于天堂宾馆所服务的简短介绍。

我们 24 小时前台服务,婴儿看护,有线电视,洗衣店,美容院,游泳池,酒吧,商务 中心,免费停车,餐厅,客房餐饮服务,旅游五福,机票订购。



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