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全新版大学英语 综合教程 3 课后答案 全新版大学英语 综合教程 3 课后答案 UNIT 1 Vocabulary I. 1. 1) on balance 5) illustrated 9) involved 2) resist 3) haul 4) wicked 2. 1)cut back/ down 2) pick up 3) get by 5)face up to 3. 1) pursued his mathematical studies and taught himself astronomy 2) often generate misleading thoughts 3) attach great importance to combining theory with practice in our work 4) be suspected of doing everything for money 5) before he gets through life 4. 1) their indoor, a profit, to invest in 6) turn in 4) get through 6) budget 10) economic 7) lowering 11) blasting 8) boundary 12) just about 7) making up for 8) think up 1

全新版大学英语 综合教程 3 课后答案 2) device, the improvement, on a global scale 3) stacked, temptation, never dined out II Confusable Words 1. 1) house 2. 1) doubt 2) Home 3) home, family 4) household 4) suspected 5) suspect 2) suspect 3) doubted III. Word Formation 1) rise 2) final 3) regular 4) cash 5) hows, whys 6) upped 7) yellowed 8) bottled 9) lower 10) search Comprehensive Exercises I. Cloze 1. Text-related 1) get by 2) temptation 3) get through 4) improvements 5) aside from 6) suspect 7) supplement 8) profit 9) stacking 2. (Theme-related) 1) replaced 2) consider 3) quit 4) world 5) tough 6) fuels 7) provide 8) luxuries 9) balance 10) ideal II. Translation 1. We have a problem with the computer system, but I think it’s fairly minor. 2. My father d when I was too young to live on my own. The people of my hometown took over (responsibility for) my upbringing at that point. 2

全新版大学英语 综合教程 3 课后答案 3. The toys have to meet strict/ tough safety requirements before they can be sold to children. 4. Radio and television have supplemented rather than replaced the newspaper as carriers of news and opinion. 5. When it comes to this magazine, it is/ carries a digest of articles from many newspapers and magazines around the world. A decade ago, Nancy did what so many Americans dream about. She quit an executive position and opened/ set up a household device store in her neighborhood. People like Nancy made the decision primarily for the improvement in the quality of their lives. But, to run a small business on a small scale is by no means an easy job. Without her steady income, Nancy had to cut back on her daily expense. Sometimes she did not even have the money to pay the premium for the various kinds of insurance she needed. Fortunately, through her own hard work, she has now got through the most difficult time. She is determined to continue pursuing her vision of a better life. UNIT 2 Vocabulary I. 1. 3

全新版大学英语 综合教程 3 课后答案 1) decades 5) slender 9) on the side 2) historic 6) web 10) authorized 3) imposed 7) bade 11) terminal 4) religious 8) site 12) make the best of 2. 1) went through 2) stood up for 3) laid down 4) take on 5) let (us) down 6) draw on 3. 1) The Europeans are fully confident that the Americans will not be able to justify their measures to protect the struggling American steel industry. 2) Clinton is, in the eyes of Joe Klein, staff writer of the New Yorker and 7) fall into 8) pass for author of The Natural, the most talented politician of his generation and the most compelling. 3) There's not much you can do if people are really intent on destroying themselves with drugs. 4) A different experience of the world could forge a completely different approach to life. 5) It is our conviction that cloning of human beings is bound to cause many ethical and social problems in the long run. 4

全新版大学英语 综合教程 3 课后答案 4. 1) As for, do not compel, capture of, have forged 2) At huge risk, the mission, shelter 3) who abolished, In the eyes of, racial II. Words with Multiple Meanings 1. I'll tell you in a minute how I have attained the genuine sense of belonging in America, but first let me hear about your French trip. 2. Most McDonald's look almost the same on the outside, but actually there are about 16 different basic designs. 3. Loaning money from the banks is but one of the methods we can use to get through a financial crisis. 4. This second-hand car has been nothing but trouble; it's always breaking down. 5. 6. problem. 7. I am sorry, but I think you shouldn't have lingered on over coffee and In your resume you've mentioned everything but one vital point. Our technicians have discovered a simple but effective solution to the missed the last bus.. 5

全新版大学英语 综合教程 3 课后答案 8. The bankruptcy of the company was not caused by evil, but by simple ignorance III. Usage 1) lonely 2)friendly 3) weekly, monthly 7) lively 4)lovely 5) cowardly 6)kindly/ saintly Comprehensive Exercises I. Cloze 1. Text-related 1)forged 6)abolish 8)motherly 2) stand up 3) compelled 4)convictions 7) intent on 8) risk 5)mission 9)in the eyes of 10)threats 2. (Theme-related) 1) assistance 2) involved 3) estimated 4)coincidence 6) referred 7) numerous 8) stationed 9)concern 5)emerged 10)capture II. Translation 1. Though greatly affected by the consequences of the global financial crisis, we are still confident that we can face up to the challenge and overcome the crisis. 2. Under threat of constant sand storms, we were compelled to leave our cherished village and move to the new settlement. 6

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